The evidence is in. When schools and families work together to support learning, everyone benefits: students do better in school and in life; parents become empowered; teacher morale improves; schools get better; and, communities grow stronger.

Parents, grandparents, educators and legislators, neighbors and community leaders: you are all essential members of the PTA family and provide a powerful and effective voice for all children. Our future leaders, innovators, citizens and soldiers are our children, and our children are given their best chance to succeed when we all work together. Join us and get involved with the largest volunteer child advocacy group in the country.

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Reminder! Paper order forms for pre-packaged school supplies are due this Friday, May 26th! Order forms were sent home to parents in mid-April. You can also place an order online; the deadline for online orders is July 10th.

Click here to order school supplies online (Enter code: PAT010)

Purchasing the pre-packaged school supplies is the No Hassle, Easy Way! Save time and money. Avoid shopping hassles – no crowds, no traffic, no guesswork. School supplies come in a sealed box and include everything on the supply list for the year. School supplies are teacher approved and custom packed for each student. Pre-packaged school supplies will be available for pick-up in the cafeteria at the Meet the Teacher Open House.

Please contact our School Supplies Coordinator, Meggan Carcassi, with any questions.


Patton EcoTeam Logo captureNext week, May 22-26 is Patton’s Eco Week. In the past few weeks, all grade levels have been studying a variety of sustainability topics, conducting citizen science and investigations, and exploring our campus’ ecosystem. Each grade level was assigned a sustainability theme:

  • PreK and Kindergarten: Healthy Living
  • First: Water
  • Second: Schoolyard Habitats
  • Third: TBD
  • Fourth: Consumption and Waste
  • Fifth: Energy

Eco Week will feature guest speakers and special events, and classes can tour the building to learn what each grade level learned about their theme.

Visit the Eco Team website


Patton Elementary is being recognized for its campus-wide sustainability efforts. Patton is the first elementary school in Austin and the second elementary school in the state of Texas to be awarded the Eco-Schools USA Green Flag from the National Wildlife Federation. Please join us in raising our Eco-Schools USA Green Flag on Friday May 19th at 7:30 a.m. Please rsvp by May 15th at: http://greenflag.rsvpify.com


Track & field logoTuesday, May 16
8:30 – 11:00 am: Pre-K, Kindergarten
12:00 – 2:30 pm: First Grade

Pre-K, Kindergarten, and First Grade students transition through a variety of stations highlighting all of the physical skills they have learned this year! Be prepared to watch them run, jump, throw, hula hoop, and most importantly, encourage their classmates to do their best! Family members are welcome to join in on some activities, but are mostly there to watch, cheer, and take pictures. Be prepared to sit back, cheer and be impressed with your child’s skills! 

MedalsWednesday, May 17: Second & Third Grade
8:30-2:30 (Lunch & Rest Break 10:45-12:15)

Thursday, May 18: Fourth & Fifth Grade
8:30-2:30 (Lunch & Rest Break 10:45-12:15)

Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade students will be participating in a real, track meet style competition! Students participate in a variety of relay races and events that challenge them both physically and mentally. Students have practiced the events in PE class over the past month and know all of the expectations for each race. There are races for all levels and abilities, and when students are not on their class’s relay team, they will be cheering from the side lines! Trophies are given out to First, Second, and Third Place classes, but the biggest trophy is the Sportsmanship Award! Parents, please inform the coaches if you see examples of exemplary sportsmanship throughout the day! There will be Staff and Volunteer events on this day, so if you want to be more involved, sign up to volunteer at the concession stand or as a lane judge! 

NOTE: All track and field events will be RAIN OR SHINE! We will determine the day of the events if the events will take place inside or outside. We will go outside if there is no lightning, so be prepared with a change of clothes! Don’t forget sunscreen and a reusable water bottle to fill up at our FREE, FILTERED Water Monster Hydration Station!

Concessions will be open to the entire school all three days of Track and Field; May 16, 17, and 18. Each child will receive one free snack per day. Additional snack credits can be added to wrist bands at the school store during drop-off and pick-up beginning the afternoon of Monday, May 8. Wrist bands will be kept in the classrooms and teachers will put them on students. Students need to keep their wrist bands on for three days if they want to use them all three days.

Please contact our Track & Field Coordinator, Michele Cole, with any questions.