The evidence is in. When schools and families work together to support learning, everyone benefits: students do better in school and in life; parents become empowered; teacher morale improves; schools get better; and, communities grow stronger.

Parents, grandparents, educators and legislators, neighbors and community leaders: you are all essential members of the PTA family and provide a powerful and effective voice for all children. Our future leaders, innovators, citizens and soldiers are our children, and our children are given their best chance to succeed when we all work together. Join us and get involved with the largest volunteer child advocacy group in the country.

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Patton EcoTeam Logo captureMay 22-26 is Patton’s Eco Week.  In the coming weeks, all grade levels will be studying a variety of sustainability topics, conducting citizen science and investigations, and exploring our campus’ ecosystem. Each grade level has been assigned a sustainability theme:

  • PreK and Kindergarten: Healthy Living
  • First: Water
  • Second: Schoolyard Habitats
  • Third: TBD
  • Fourth: Consumption and Waste
  • Fifth – Energy

Eco Week will feature guest speakers and special events, and classes can tour the building to learn what each grade level learned about their theme.

Visit the Eco Team website