Patton Elementary will be using the Silent Dismissal system again this year beginning the first day of school. For those of you new to Patton, this system uses numbers to ensure that students are released to only those authorized. Each family has a number. Any person picking up, either by a walkup guardian or drive up guardian, will need a number.

Numbers will be available for pickup in your student’s homeroom during Meet the Teacher Night. If you cannot make it to school Friday, please allow extra time at pick up to obtain a pickup card. Bring a driver’s license with you. Returning families will have the same number as last year.


Car riders: During dismissal, please clearly display your dismissal number on your vehicle when picking up your child; laying the number flat on your dashboard makes it very difficult for staff to view.  Once your child’s number is entered by school staff on the electronic device by the car rider ramp, your child will be escorted to the car ramp area.

Walk-ups: Students whose parents park and walk-up to pick their child up at the school will be dismissed from the exit near the music room doors. You will need your dismissal number when picking up your child every day. Staff members will verify your number and will release your child to you. 

Walkers: Students whose parents allow them to walk home with a sibling will report to the school lobby and a staff member on duty will escort the students to the nearest crosswalk. Walkers will give their numbers to the staff monitoring their dismissal.

Bus & daycare riders: Bus and daycare riders will not need numbers. Bus riders and daycare riders will be escorted by teacher(s) to the bus rider area and be escorted on each bus. 

Dismissal exits