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Wondering what kinds of things your donation would help to pay for? Today we shine a spotlight on Teacher Supply Reimbursement! 

It’s no secret that our teachers work hard to meet the educational needs of their students. But they also go above and beyond to make sure students have the right environment and materials they need to succeed, oftentimes spending hundreds of their own dollars to do so. From organizational items like cubbies and baskets, to furniture like seating and shelves; from books for their classroom libraries to additional school supplies, teachers often bear the financial burden of purchasing these supplies to support their students.

A recent survey showed that on average Texas teachers spend more than $700 a year out of pocket on supplies and items for their classrooms! As a PTA we try to ease this burden on our teachers and offer a supply reimbursement to help with these costs. This year our budget allowed for us to give each teacher a $75 reimbursement but we know that’s only a fraction of what they spend. With your help we can increase the amount of the supply reimbursement available to teachers but we’re relying on your generosity to make that happen!

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