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  • Current Total: $5,501
  • Goal: $8,000

Wondering what kinds of things your donation would help to pay for? Today we highlight more projects from our inaugural Enrichment Grant Program that was rolled out last semester.

With your support, we were able to allocate over $8,000 in classroom materials based on direct teacher requests. We granted over 14 requests across Pre-K-5th grades, including Special Education, bolstering educational goals for over 34 teachers, reaching over 790 students.

Each Kindergarten teacher was provided with a license to Raz-Kids, an online subscription-based literacy service to help support early readers and individual learning styles. Each and every 3rd and 5th grade student was provided an individual subscription to Scholastic Storyworks, a digital and print magazine designed to teach English Language Art strategies and concepts. 📚📖

These digital resources are valuable supplements to our curriculum and something we hope to be able to help fund going forward. But you guessed it- we need your help! Each and every dollar makes a difference and gets us closer to our goal of $8,000! 💙