Hello Patton Community!

Your Patton PTA is looking to fill committee chair and committee member positions for the 2019-2020 school year. Below you will find a list of the chair positions along with a brief description for each. If you are interested in being the chair, a committee member or an occasional volunteer for one of the committees, please click “share my interests” to complete the form.

NOTE: Time commitments for each committee will vary based on assigned duties and sometimes depend on how many members the committee has. Please include any questions you may have regarding time commitments. Also, committee chairs are a part of the Patton PTA Executive Board along with the newly elected officers (listed below). Chairs are encouraged to attend the monthly Executive Board meetings to keep the Board updated of their progress and ask for any additional assistance they may need. While many have come forward already, there is still time to submit your interests. Please submit your interests within the next couple of weeks as we will try to fill as many of these positions as we can before the end of this school year. This information will be shared at the beginning of next school year to continue to invite new members of our Patton community to become a part of our PTA.

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In addition to the roles listed below, we are looking to add a position along the lines of “Social Chair” or “Community Chair”. This person would be responsible for planning events for our students. Some examples are: movie nights, game nights, bringing in a speaker or performer, etc. These events would not be for the sake of fundraising, but rather to build community amongst our Patton families. These would happen outside of school hours in the afternoon or evening or on weekends. If leading or being a part of this committee interests you, please include that information.

Your 2019-2020 Patton PTA Officers

President Kristin Fickert

Vice President: Fundraising Tracey Frye

Vice President: Membership Katrina Kincaid

Secretary Aubrey Edwards

Treasurer Lee Pepe

Parliamentarian Leah Brock-White

Descriptions for Committee Chair Positions

Student Activities

Carnival Create a budget, theme and date for the coming year. Coordinate all aspects of the carnival within budget including food, silent auction, ticket and wristband sales, rentals, games and booths. Report end results to general membership and document for future Carnival Chairperson.

Arts In Education Responsible for coordinating Patton Arts in Education Day, an all day festival of musicians, visual artists, performing artists and hands-on activities. Typically this event will take place in the spring.

Track & Field Work with the Physical Education Department to support their Field Day goals by organizing volunteers, donations and logistical support.


Electronic Communication/Website Administration of electronic communication to Patton parents via email, websites and social media.

Community/Public Relations Communication of pertinent Patton information to local periodicals, newsletters and electronic communication groups.


Marquee Responsible for updating Patton’s marquee with current school events. Content will be derived from district, PTA and school calendars as well as through administrative requests.

Landscaping Responsible for coordinating volunteers for landscape maintenance and projects; offering support to faculty endeavors to include gardens in curriculum.

Workshop Responsible for coordinating volunteers for the purpose of laminating, duplication, binding, die cutting, along with other specific projects.

Library Responsible for coordinating volunteer help for the Book Fair, checking books out or in and reshelving books and assisting with other special projects as needed.


Projects and Goals Utilizing available communication channels to collect requests for resources from teachers, administration and parents. Analyzing requests and collecting feedback.

Consumer Rebates/Box Tops Responsible for administering rebate programs such as Box Tops for Education. Creating community awareness of programs and hosting twice yearly Box Top Contests including planning event dates and rewards.

Teacher Scholarships Responsible for evaluating teacher scholarship requests, awarding teacher scholarships for continuing education as funds allow and presenting of scholarships to recipients.

Legislative Responsible for reporting to the membership on educational issues being discussed by the AISD School Board, the State and/or National PTA or the Texas State Legislature when it is in session.

School Supplies Responsible for sourcing a vendor for prepackaged school supplies, obtaining at least three bids and working with administration to coordinate distribution of school supplies at the beginning of the school year.

T-Shirts Responsible for design creation, sourcing and printing of school t-shirt.

Yearbook Responsible for the creation, ordering process and distribution of the school yearbook.

Student Scholarships Responsible for awarding student scholarships to Patton Alumni in line with the procedures in the Standing Rules for J.A. Patton PTA.

Parental Involvement

Hospitality Providing Back to School and Teacher Appreciation events for the faculty and staff which includes: coordinating food item donations, securing volunteers to serve and reserving school location for the events. Also, securing refreshments for PTA programs.

Room Parent Coordinator Recruit a volunteer Room Parent for each teacher. Educate volunteers about Room Parent duties and expectations. Responsible for communication to Room Parents about activities and events that need parent support.

Volunteers Coordinator Responsible for finding volunteers to support school-wide activities like Picture Day, Vision Screenings, Arts Day, etc.

Parent Education Responsible for finding enrichment education opportunities for parents in support of school objectives.