Each year, the Patton PTA allocates money for Arts in Education. We fund different assemblies throughout the year and have one day of school dedicated to the arts. Think of it as a mini multicultural SXSW at Patton.

The Arts in Education Committee coordinates the Patton Arts in Education Day, an all-day festival of musicians, visual artists, and performing artists, to name a few. This year’s event is Dance Around the World and will include 6 performance groups of musicians and dance performers. Arts Day will be taking place on March 9, 2018. Parent volunteers are needed for everything from hosting and escorting performers around our campus, delivering sack lunches to the classrooms and working sound, just to name a few. This year’s performance roster is currently full but any parents who would like to volunteer their own special artistic talents (or those of friends or relatives) are encouraged to do so by emailing the Arts in Education Chair.

Below is a listing of open positions and also a link to the Arts Day sign up genius. Some perks for helping and being a part of the Arts Day Team is we all get to enjoy the shows while volunteering and all volunteers that work the day of the event get to enjoy the hospitality room along with the performers. This event is such a team effort, any and all help is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions about positions or the event please feel free to email the Arts in Education Chair Elexa Hernandez Martinez. Arts day is a super fun day to be a Patton Pioneer!

Dance Around the World Patton Arts Day 2018
Volunteer Positions and Descriptions

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Lunch Delivery Assistant Coordinator – Assist in the coordination of sack lunch deliveries. Submitting request to cafeteria staff, coordinate volunteers for sack luck deliveries for in classroom lunch the day of event. Day of event volunteer hours and attendance of 2 committee meeting Jan. 8 10:30am and Feb. 26 12:30pm.

Lunch Delivery – Deliver sack lunches to class rooms. Volunteer hours day of the event and attendance of 1 committee meeting Feb. 26 12:30pm.

Hospitality Room Coordinator – Design the setup of the room, coordinate food deliveries and host performers while assisting the food server volunteers the day of event. Day of event volunteer hours as well as set up the evening before event and the attendance of 2 committee meetings Jan. 8 10:30 am and Feb. 26 12:30 pm

Hospitality Donations Coordinator – Submit email to potential Arts day sponsors and correspondence with them for securing donations and arranging pick up and delivery of all goods they will be supplying our event. Also correspondence with Hospitality Coordinator for volunteer pick ups. Volunteer hours are flexible and can be all done digitally via email and phone calls during the month of January. No committee meetings.

Hospitality Delivery – Help to collect hospitality donations primarily food and deliver them to the school. Possibly one day the week of event at your convenience as well as food delivery the day of event. Attendance of 1 committee meeting Jan. 8 at 10:30 am.

Art and Decor Coordinator – Coordinate with the art teachers to help with student art for Arts Day Decor and help if needed to set up art and decor. Volunteer time is flexible to your availability and the attendance of 1 committee meeting Jan. 8 at 10:30 am.

Posters – Printing and laminating posters and signs for event and help to hang them around campus. Volunteer date is March 2nd any time between 7:30 am & 6:00 pm. No committee meeting.

Sound and Tech Support – Experience with sound equipment. Set up of sound equipment in performance areas as well as running sound during the performances the day of event. May also include the pick up and delivery of acquired equipment from the district. Volunteer time is the evening before event and day of the event along with the attendance of 1 committee meeting on Feb. 26 at 12:30 pm.

Host & Greeter – Greet and escort performers around campus to loading areas and their designated performance areas. Assist them with anything they may need while on our campus. Volunteer time is day of event and attendance of 1 committee meeting Feb. 26 at 12:30 pm.

Setup & Cleanup – Assist with setting up and cleaning up. Volunteer hours are evening before event and afternoon the day of event. No committee meetings.

Photographer – Take photos of performances, behind the scenes with volunteers and donations provided by sponsors. Photos will be used for social media, PTA website and year book. Volunteer hours would be the day of event. No committee meetings.

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