The Hospitality Committee is in charge of feeding and pampering our staff (and guests on special events like Veteran’s Day). This year we have planned coffee cart days, staff potluck lunches, weekly staff lounge flowers, two days of chair massages, and special occasion luncheons through out the school year.

Most of our budget will go towards the special occasion luncheons, and massage days. We will require parent help to make up the rest! We have such an amazing staff at Patton who work tirelessly for our children, day in and day out. We are asking you to show your support by feeding them!

Join the Hospitality Committee

Here are the volunteer opportunities:

Coffee Cart Days

4 volunteers to bring in snacks for the cart. You can make homemade snacks like banana bread or brownies or cookies, we just ask that they are cut, and stored in ziplock baggies for easy distribution. Snacks can also be prepackaged snacks like nuts, crackers or granola bars. Or a third option would be fresh fruit. Again, please have the fruit washed and placed into ziplock baggies in individual serving sizes. If you are creative and those cute pinterest treats are something you like to make, PLEASE PLEASE sign up for snacks!!

3 Volunteers to help set up the cart, walk the school to serve coffee, and clean up afterwards.

Potluck Lunches

4 Volunteers to help set up, and clean up. These will be themed lunches, and a list will be on the Shutterfly site of all items needed. If you have an awesome dish or dessert you would like to bring, and it isn’t on the list of items asked for, just email us and we will add you and the dish to the list. These will be updated as the year progresses, although all dates have been chosen. Check back often for the sign-up sheets.  We normally feed 110 staff members on these days. That includes all teachers, administrators, custodians, front office staff, and cafeteria staff.

Weekly Staff Lounge Flowers

We would love to welcome the staff into the lounge with flowers each week. If you sign up for the week, you are welcome to bring what ever table center piece you would like. If you add your child’s teacher name or any staff members name to the sign up sheet, we will deliver the flowers to them at the end of the week.

Special Occasion Luncheons

We try to have these luncheons catered for the staff, but may need volunteers to decorate, set-up and clean-up. Watch for sign up sheets.

Massage Days

We have two amazing massage therapist who come and set up for 15 minute chair massages.

Again, the Patton staff are one of a kind. Your support in the Hospitality Committee’s efforts to show them our appreciation is needed and welcome.

Contact the Hospitality Committee Chair