Read Naturally is a fluency-building program that we’ve used successfully at Patton for several years. It helps students recognize words quickly, and improves their reading rate so they can focus on comprehension. Seeing a boost in a child’s skill and confidence is the best motivation imaginable. This program will help take those beginning readers and make them more confident and have a life long love for reading and learning. What an opportunity the Read Naturally Volunteers have in making a difference in these kids lives.

We need volunteers who are willing to work with students in 1st -5th grades for at least 30 minutes once a week. This small amount of time yields incredible benefits. Children that hated reading start reading for pleasure. If you’re ready to be instrumental in a child’s literacy, volunteer now! A short training session is provided.

Whether or not your child is involved in the Read Naturally program at Patton, all kids can benefit from the Read Naturally one minute reader iPad app. Just search “Read Naturally One Minute Reader App” on your iPad coming soon to android.

Contact the Read Naturally Coordinator