2017-2018 pre-packaged school supplies can now be ordered! Purchasing the pre-packaged school supplies is the No Hassle, Easy Way! Save time and money. Avoid shopping hassles – no crowds, no traffic, no guesswork. School supplies come in a sealed box and include everything on the supply list for the year. School supplies are teacher approved and custom packed for each student. Pre-packaged school supplies will be available for pick-up in the cafeteria at the Meet the Teacher Open House.

Pre-packaged school supplies can be ordered by (1) ordering online, or (2) sending in a check/cash with the paper order form (sent home to parents in mid-April). Online orders are accepted through July 10th, 2017, while paper order forms are due by May 26, 2017.

Click here to order school supplies online (Enter code: PAT010)


The next PTA general meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 26 from 6 pm to 7 pm. It’s election night! Come meet our new officers and maybe even put your name in the hat! We will also be voting on how to use our funds to best help the school. All PTA members can join in the discussion and vote.



The evidence is in. When schools and families work together to support learning, everyone benefits: students do better in school and in life; parents become empowered; teacher morale improves; schools get better; and, communities grow stronger.

Parents, grandparents, educators and legislators, neighbors and community leaders: you are all essential members of the PTA family and provide a powerful and effective voice for all children. Our future leaders, innovators, citizens and soldiers are our children, and our children are given their best chance to succeed when we all work together. Join us and get involved with the largest volunteer child advocacy group in the country.

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